Boizão serves the finest in USDA prime beef. We season each cut with only coarse sea salt and broil them to seal in all the natural juices and flavor. Individual cuts of chicken, pork and New Zealand lamb, are marinated with our special recipe to bring out the best of each, and are certain to please.
    Boizao introduces the finely marbled, beef ancho, rib eye steak that is tender as a filet and rich in flavor, the galeto, spring chicken, seasoned with special and light spices.

    With an array and choice of all 16 prime cuts, it’s certain that you will find your favorite.

    Come in and enjoy our authentic Brazilian concept!

    (Pea-can-ya) Top sirloin, Brazil’s most popular cut – rich in flavor

    Brazil’s favorite cut seasoned with garlic

    USDA Prime Tenderloin at its best

    USDA Prime Tenderloin wrapped in bacon

    Rib eye steak – the finely marbled, tender as a filet (Dinner only)

    Leg of lamb marinaded with traces of mint, rosemary and garlic

    Lamb chops marinated, tender and flavorful

    Beef ribs – USDA Prime Rib cut right off the rack

    Top sirloin – well marbled for peak flavor

    Bottom sirloin – full of flavor

    Pork tenderloin marinated in a delicious blend of spices, covered with cheese

    Pork ribs grilled to bring out their tenderness

    Brazilian pork sausages with a robust flavor

    Spring chicken – seasoned with Brazilian spices

    Tender chicken breast wrapped in bacon

    Chicken legs marinated in a beer based recipe